by Dan Knudsen

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released August 25, 2000



all rights reserved


Dan Knudsen Portland

Dan Knudsen is an American artist who’s musical style has been described as a combination of folk, gospel and outsider genres. Dan’s performances around the growing music city of Portland, ME have resulted in attracting a dedicated cult following, a full-length tribute album and an annual indoor festival called, “Dan-a-palooza” in honor of the artist and his music. ... more

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Track Name: I Always Thought
I always thought
That your love was just for me
I always thought
That your love would set me free
But now you say you don't want me anymore

Since you've got someone else
I guess I won't be hangin' around
You're telling me it's over
And there's another man you've found
Since you called me up and told me about it
I've been happy for you

All by myself I fall apart
Because you broke my heart
Who else am I supposed to blame?
Whenever I meet someone new to lift me back up
I'll forget about you
Still then my life won't be the same

I always thought
That our love would last forever
I always thought
We would stay right here close together
No longer lovers we'll just be friends

I sure hope by now you've gotten over me
If that's how it has to be
I didn't think I'd be replaced so soon
As long as it must be this way
Don't worry I can take the news o.k.
I had to prepare myself to hear the words from you
Even though I knew

I always thought
That our love was no mistake
I always thought
That you would never make my poor heart ache
Go ahead and leave me baby
I wish you the best
Track Name: Somewhere on the Sea
For just a few days
We would like to stay
Across the ocean where a couple can be free
There's no telephone line
And the girl says she'll be mine
She's the lucky one for me

So baby, come with me
Let's sail away together
To an island of pleasure
Somewhere on the sea

There is no crew
Except for me and you
Outward bound on a voyage at the end of spring
There's no soul to disturb us
Don't be nervous
Let me play my guitar for you
A song that I like to sing

Now baby, come with me
Let's sail away together
On a ship of love and treasure
Somewhere on the sea

The gulls and the fish
Are playing as they wish
The canvas did miracles aboard this good old boat
Carried by the wind
We like the mood we're in
Through the roughest gale
We will stay afloat

Hey baby, come with me
Let's sail away together
On a journey to remember
Somewhere on the sea
Track Name: Sunsong
Good morning sunrise
Up above the mountains high
Like a candle in the sky
Where hawks and eagles fly

Good morning sunrise
There's warmth on my shoulders
Your light streams along the water
It slowly fades and gets colder

You hear my love and me as we think our early morning thoughts
You hear my love and me as we pray our early morning prayers

Good afternoon sunshine
My lovers in her place
With a pretty smiling face
She longs for my embrace

Good afternoon sunshine
I miss you when things turn grey
Your beauty just slips away
On a cloudy and rainy day

You hear my love and me as we say our afternoon words
You see my love and me as we do our afternoon deeds

Good evening sunset
You're the salt of this world we run
You give friendliness to everyone
Until the day is done

Good evening sundown
The earth says goodbye
I don't let you pass me by
Once I see you I know why

You see my love and me as we read our late night books
You see my love and me as we watch our late night movies

La-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-dum
Ba-da-da, da-de-da, de-da-do
Track Name: Gently
Gently I'll hold her in my arms so strong
On a cool starry night it feels so right it can't be wrong
This tender romance is the most that we share
By showing how much we care
To her I just want to make love
She's the girl whom there's no one else above
I lie awake as she creeps down my stairs
I hear her footsteps echo through the air
Then she lays down beside me and cries joyful tears
I whisper softly to relieve all her fears

Gently the wind blows through tall grass and trees
On a warm sunny day we feel the passing breeze
The mother now cradles her children to her breast
Singing them happily to rest
We keep each other safe in our dreams
Almost every night that's how it seems
Just like the snow falling down on icy winter ground
She let her hair spill all around me
And now in the darkness of this hotel room
We sleep under the bright shining moon
Track Name: Keep This Garden Growing
On this day
We can plant our little seeds
Yes we may
Dig some dirt and pull the weeds
The summer is coming in
So now let us begin
Make sure we have the tools and equipment we need

We must keep this garden growing
Where the blossom vines are showing from the field

It's the time
To get this job done
We will find
Ways to make this work more fun
Many days will pass
But they will go by fast
Although the season has just begun

We must keep this garden growing
Where a blue river is flowing through the woods

The birds keep soaring high and low
The squirrels keep climbing up the branches
The bees keep buzzing over the green meadow
The farmers keep slaving on their ranches

While there still are flowers
I would like to smell them
As long as there are fruits and vegetables dairy meat and poultry
I'd love to taste them

In the end
Everyone thanks the lord once again
We all have our reward
The plants grew very tall
Soon the leaves will fall
And be raked into the bushes to be stored

We must keep this garden growing
Where the whole worlds been and going to be saved
Track Name: If Only Peace Would Come
If only peace would come now
If only battle and war would be gone
There could be much more love and less violence and hate
No more destruction to the air, water and land we live in and on
But peace on the earth has yet to begin
With good will to the race we call men
Until our savior and lord Jesus Christ comes again

And my own life is all I control
So let my life be lived for the good of my soul

If only peace would come now
If only battle and war would be over
Danger and death could be farther away
Tell it to the citizens who still run for cover
The kingdom of god should soon be fulfilled
In the valleys and mountains and hills
In every forest and desert and town fields and streets will be still

For justice and freedom and honesty
I pray every brother and sister will walk forth in harmony
We are spiritual colors below the same sun
Why can't we live as many in one?