Lost Airways

by Dan Knudsen

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Recorded and Mixed by SHA SHA SHA

©2011 Daniel J. Knudsen. All Rights Reserved


released June 29, 2011

Dan Knudsen: Music, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards & Drums/Percussion
Dominic LaVoie: Bass & Background Vocals



all rights reserved


Dan Knudsen Portland

Dan Knudsen is an American artist who’s musical style has been described as a combination of folk, gospel and outsider genres. Dan’s performances around the growing music city of Portland, ME have resulted in attracting a dedicated cult following, a full-length tribute album and an annual indoor festival called, “Dan-a-palooza” in honor of the artist and his music. ... more

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Track Name: I Give You This Saturday
You slept in and woke up late because there's no school
It's the weekend and you don't have to go
You've got your action figures spread out on the living room floor and Raffi's singing on video
Your parents say that I'm an adult they would trust anytime with you
They know that I'm a good man
So with me they've got no issues
They say it's okay for us to play
As long as we do it right in the appropriate ways
It's okay
We can play
Let's go out on a trip
It's a beautiful day
It's okay
We will play
Until it's time for me to take you home
Behold I give you this Saturday
We could dare to seek thrills at the amusement park and catch some roller coaster rides
Or get wet and go wild at the water park and slide down the water slides
Track Name: Play Keyboards
Starting out as a child with a toy piano you were messin'
You learned to play a real one from a teacher you took lessons
As a church organist of a choir that sings from The Hymnal to The Lord
In rehearsals and services you sit down and play keyboards
Play keyboards
Play keyboards
Play keyboards
Play keyboards
You join a band on synthesizer playing jazz, rock, or soul
Then it becomes more progressive like mystical heavy metal
Before you know it you're nominated for a Grammy Award
Just forget about all that macho stuff and shut up and play keyboards
Track Name: Dupage County
Growing up in DuPage County
Born in Hinsdale
Raised in Wheaton, Illinois

Educated in DuPage County
In Glen Ellyn I was the wild boy
At 19 I graduated from Glenbard and then became an apartment renter
At 20 I started working dirty and hard in Laundry and The Kitchen at The Convalescent Center
It paid my bills received in my own mailbox
I had rock and roll music blasting from my boombox

Sha la la sha la la la la sha la la sha la la la
Sha la la sha la la la la sha la la sha la la la
Sunday service was at Trinity
I had picnics and relaxed at Northside Park
I went bowling at Hesterman Alley
I saw July 4th fireworks at Lake Ellyn Park
I had a therapist who worked in Oak Brook
I worked out at the B. R. Ryall YMCA
I had a girl who lived in Bolingbrook
In Gurnee we had fun at Six Flags Great Americay
I played video games in Carol Stream
I rode my bicycle along the Prairie Path of green
Staying lean and mean

I could
Riding out of DuPage County
I flew from Chicago on up to New England
Moving into Cumberland County
Now I own myself a condo in Portland
Track Name: We All Make Mistakes
We all must try our best to be good
And do everything we can that we should
I've been inclined to think you always could
Baby, don't you know that?
Everyone has their faults and flaws
We all have problems
They all have a cause
It doesn't mean we're the kinds who would break any laws
So I'm telling you darling
Everybody's got troubles to deal with
We all have issues to work on
No one is any exception
Oh no
You don't die from life
You get another chance
As long as you learn from your experience
You fall on your face
You get on your feet
You just look back on it and laugh and cry
You don't die from life
It usually works to forget and forgive
There's so much life ahead of us to live
So many blessings to receive and give
Baby, don't you know that?
Nobody's perfect
We all make mistakes
Rectify yours and I'll give you a break
There's only so much heat you have to take


You don't die from life
It's not not the end of the world
You'll live to see it all unfold
Each day you get older you'll grow up
If at first you fail again you try
You don't die from life
You're no worse just because you're younger
Or that I'm bigger and stronger and smarter, no
As a person it makes me no better
We're both living and learning together
I'm not above you
I'm the same as you
Oh I'm equal to you
I'm equal to you

You don't die from life
You get another chance
As long as you learn from your experience
You don't die from life
You don't die from life
You don't die from life
You don't die from life
Track Name: Lost Airways
Resting in my window seat
It's like a sweet, pleasant dream at 30,000 feet
I have to go see some friends and fans of mine
We've got to meet and greet

Aboard a 747 or a DC10
It's the same old flight
I'm in the clouds again
It always happens from the start off that runway line
World travel never ends
So I fly
On wings of silver aiming high
It's just over a five-mile altitude
The roar of the engine sounds real rude
On the path of experience I found my way
Won't you join me in the living day?
If there's an answer it's just that way on these lost airways
There's no better alibi than hanging out in this wide open sky
I'm getting ready to fly away on these lost airways
Ten years have gone by since the terror attacks
When four American jet planes were hijacked
Since then sky marshals have been standing by
On board ready to strike back
Sometimes I wonder if I'll be done soon
And never get to compose another tune
As I soar against the sun and race across the stars and moon
Still I fly
On wings of silver aiming high
It's almost a six-mile altitude
The roar of the engine sounds real rude
Say goodbye to yesterday
Say "Hello. How are you today?"
What's tomorrow going to send my way on these lost airways?
I have so many good reasons why
I like to be in this heavenly sky
I'm getting ready to fly away on these lost airways